Welcome to the Fellowship of the Pentacle

The Fellowship of the Pentacle is a society dedicated to preserving
and teaching foundational rooted concepts of Pre-Christian European spirituality. It is comprised of five “points” that represent the supporting components of the organization.

The Fellowship was first conceived in 2006 by Raven Grimassi and
Stephanie Taylor. Their vision was to establish a group of likeminded individuals devoted to the furtherance of mystical and transformative elements of ancient knowledge and wisdom.

It was introduced in January 2011, taking the place of the College of the Crossroads and the Crossroads Fellowship. At its core the Fellowship of the Pentacle is an occult society of practitioners.

The components are represented by the five pointed star. At the tip, andoverseeing the rest of the points, is the Fellowship. In counter-clockwise order are the Courses of Study, Raven’s Loft, Ash, Birch and WillowTradition, and The Oracle Decks (titled The Well Worn Path & Hidden Path).

Each is segmented into an elemental correspondence that reflects it role.

The Fellowship is marked purple for the spiritual and rooted connection to all points.

The Courses of Study are marked with yellow to denote air, the nature of communication.

Raven’s Loft is marked with green to denote earth, the nature of materials manifest.

Ash, Birch and Willow Tradition is marked with red to denote fire, the nature of transformation.

The Oracle Decks are marked with blue to denote water, the nature of the subconscious and intuition.

Your support of the Fellowship of the Pentacle allows us to continue our work in service to community and to provide doorways of knowledge to seekers of the Path.

Scroll below for further information or email us at: info@FellowshipofthePentacle.com

The Courses of StudyCourses of Study

The Fellowship of the Pentacle are pleased to offer quality courses on the old ways including; Witchcraft and the Old Ways.

Raven's Loft Raven's Loft

Raven's Loft first began as a brick and mortar Witch Shop in downtown Escondido California in 1998. There it served the needs of the Craft and Pagan community of North County San Diego until July of 2002. Because of the demands of traveling Raven's Loft is now an online store based in Massachusetts and is serving the magical community Worldwide. It is owned and operated by Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi. Support of Raven’s Loft helps to provide a foundation for the preservation and ongoing efforts to keep the Old Ways flame alive and burning.

Ash, Birch and Willow - Tradition Ash, Birch and Willow

This Course of Study is designed for people who want to practice a complete system of Witchcraft. It is not a beginner's study course in Witchcraft.

The Course of Study offered to you is, in essence, an “outer-court” training period that can lead to initiation into the tradition. It consists of seven monthly lessons that introduce you to the core and central teachings of Ash, Birch and Willow (ABW).

The Oracle Decks:  Well Worn Path and Hidden Path The Oracle Decks

The Well Worn Path

The Well-Worn Path is not a Tarot deck. It is a unique divination system designed specifically for the needs of modern Pagans, Witches, and Wiccans who seek something more rooted in Nature based spirituality. The idea for this deck arose from a recognized need for a system that speaks to the Pagan culture of our European ancestors.

The Hidden Path

The Hidden Path deck contains a mythos connected to the Otherworld, with an underlying current in which it follows a mated pair of goddess and god who journey together through the Wheel of the Year. The emphasis of this deck is upon the mystical and spiritual dimensions associated with Paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft. In this light we are presenting the forty mystical concepts that vitalize modern traditions. The Hidden Path compliments the Well Worn Path, which presented the forty foundational religious concepts. Together the two decks provide an entire and complete tradition for the solitary practitioner. In this sense, the Hidden Path can be viewed as an expansion deck (although it is a complete system that is not dependant upon the Well Worn Path deck). If you are interested in a deeper exploration of the Ash, Birch and Willow system, we suggest reading Witchcraft: A Mystery Tradition, by Raven Grimassi.