Double Action and Reversible Candles

Double Action and Reversible Candles

Candles have been, and still are, one of the oldest magick tools of all time. Many books have been written about magical candle burning. The simplicity of working with candles is one of its greatest attributions. The essence of the candle flame lends itself as a natural focal point. And anyone can do it!

The intent or objective needs to be well thought out and defined, but still written or scribed in simple terms. Candle magick is a 'sympathic magick' based on the principle that “like attracts like.” Candles can represent or symbolize of people, jobs, success, money, love, protection, healing, specific energy, balance or the repelling, reversing or uncrossing of 'bad juju' or any challenge or obstacle to your goals.

This article will focus on reversing, uncrossing, or releasing energies that are blocked by you, or perhaps created by another and because it is the Dark Moon (last night of the 4th quarter phase) it is a perfect time to start this process as the moon is in the last stage of waning. This means the preparation of the candle should be done. Read on!

I am going to suggest you use Double Action or Reverse candles for our magical intent. Double Action and Reverse, also known as Reversible, candles are typically jumbo size 9” pillar. The Double Action candle is originally a solid color of red, white, or green. They become bi-colored when the bottom of the candle is hand-dipped in a coating of black wax.

The Reverse candle begins as solid red and is completely hand-dipped in a coating of black wax, so the only red you see is peeking out of the top where the wick is.

The black wax covering symbolizes “the coating, hold, or veil” of obstacles, challenges, jinxes, negative energy or actions… - you get the idea. The original color of the solid candle before dipping symbolizes the following: red - love, passion, creativity, sexuality, relationships; green represents growth, abundance, opportunity, money, vitality and white represents clarity, spiritual cleansing, hexing, psychic abilities, truth, vision.

Here is the intent behind the Double Action candle. The color on the top is what you desire or want to manifest and is represented by the color you select-red, green or white and as it burns the top color it is reinforcing what you want creating power and focus. When the candle begins to burn the black it begins to “remove/move/release/return” the energy /block/spell/challenge from “coloring or effecting” your goal/intent/desire.

Here is the intent behind the Reverse candle. The red candle represents the person or thing that is imprisoned or made static by being encased in a black wax. This candle begins to immediately release the hold or block as the outer layer melts off and is being covered by the dripping red wax from the inner core. There begins liberation and freedom from the “bondage” of the problem, person, or thing.

Now let’s discuss the details of preparation and time. First, make sure you are able to fully focus without distractions as you work.

Store bought candles will need to be cleansed, consecrated and "dressed". Theses steps of cleansing, consecration and ""dressing"" are most important in the practice of candle burning.

Cleansing is simple and easy. You will need a small bowl of water, sea salt, and stick incense and a soft cloth. Lay out a clean piece of paper. Fill the small bowl with water and mix in three pinches of sea, sea salt is best. Take your fingers (right hand) drip into the water and rub the candle from the top, in the downward gesture, using a little “whip of the hand” when you reach the end, as if to push away the air. Do this three times. You can speak words of power to cleanse the candle while doing so. Do this to the whole candle. Next light the incense and place in a holder. Take the candle and pass it through the smoke, turning it three times and speak words of power if you feel like doing so.

Dry the candle with the soft clean cloth. Now it is cleansed.

Next, let’s “scribe” it with words, sigils or symbols. You can use a porcupine quill or needle to inscribe on your candle. If using a Double Action candle, you will want to scribe (in a clockwise fashion starting at the top) that which you want to manifest. For instance, if you want to attract money, you can draw the symbol of dollar signs along with your name or write the method in which you want to receive the money, like a new job. Next, on the black part, starting where the color meets in the middle, going counterclockwise, scribe the words or symbols written backwards, that you want to fall away, remove, release etc.

On to the next step… dressing (anointing) and consecrating to purpose. You will want to have selected an oil that suits the purpose of the candle burning. Dressing is done with oil either bought for the specific purpose or made by you or just plain olive or almond oil. The “dressing or anointing” of the candle is the action of applying the oil while consecrating is the speaking of the words that make the candle a sacred object and empower you and it with purpose. You can write your own verse, speak spontaneously or use another’s words, whatever speaks to you.

To "dress" a candle you anoint it with oil; start the rubbing of the candle from the CENTER towards the end. Always rub in the same direction; from the CENTER out to one end and from the center out to the other end. While rubbing the oil on, you will be directing and concentrating your energy about the goal you wish to attain. The finest and most effective words are spontaneous ones from the heart. Or you can use a ritual from a source for your purpose.

What is most important is purpose and meaning within you which holds the potency.

Since the Double Action have 2 “sides” using an attraction oil on the top and a reflect and return oil or banishing oil on the bottom would be useful. And on the Reverse candle using reversible oil works great!

It is best to burn a 9” pillar within a 3 to 7 day period. If you do not burn the candle in one setting then pinch out a flame between the thumb and forefinger as it has been described as " locking in the energy” .

As mentioned in the beginning, the Dark Moon is the last night of the fourth quarter of the monthly moon cycle and so is the last night of the waning energy. The next night will be the first night of the first quarter also known as the First Crescent and the beginning of the Moon’s growing period and the waxing energy.

When we want to release or remove conditions or circumstances from our lives we use the waning phase of the Moon’s cycle. This waning time of the Moon’s light is diminishing, and in like kind that is what we want to do to the issue at hand. When we want to attract to our lives we use the waxing phase of the Moon’s cycle This waxing time is when the Moon’s light is growing and in like kind that is what we want to do . Since the Double Action and Reverse candles are both for releasing, removing and liberating as well as attracting it makes sense to use both phases of the Moon’s cycle to prepare and burn the candle when possible in the energy.

Let's use every possible advantage to ensure success—timing, purpose, materials, and most importantly, you and your energy!

So mote it be!